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Croton Lemon Lime | Codiaeum Verigatum Gold

Plant Height : 40cm – 50cm

Pot Size       : 18.50cm*18.50cm*19cm



Croton Lemon Lime | Codiaeum Verigatum Gold:

The croton lemon lime, scientifically known as Codiaeum variegatum, and commonly gold dust croton, is a vibrant and striking tropical plant prized for its colorful foliage. It features glossy, leathery leaves that are variegated with shades of green, yellow and hints of red or orange, resembling the hues of a lemon and lime. It’s origin is from Indonesia and South Asia. Its maximum spread is about 100cm to 150cm and croton average height is 200cm to 250cm also grows really fast.

Care Tips for Codiaeum Verigatum Gold:

Codiaeum requires ample sunlight to maintain its vibrant colors, typically thriving in bright indirect light or partial shade. It prefers consistently moist soil but should not be overwatered to prevent root rot. Ensure good drainage and allow the soil to partially dry out between waterings. It is sensitive to cold temperatures and prefers warm, humid conditions. Croton lemon lime commonly grown as an indoor plant in colder climates and can be placed outdoors in warmer regions. Regular pruning helps maintain its shape and encourages new growth. Keep in mind that the sap of the plant can cause skin irritation, so handling it with care is advisable.

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  • XL Areca Palm / white ceramic pot 180cm

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