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Cana Indica | Cana Lily Green

Cana Indica | Cana Lily Green, which is also known as Cana ‘Australia’ and scientifically called as Lantana camara. It is a striking plant.



Cana Indica | Cana Lily Green:

Cana Indica | Cana Lily Green, which is also known as Cana ‘Australia’ and scientifically called Lantana camara. It is a striking plant. It is a popular flowering plant known for its vibrant, large, paddle-shaped leaves and stunning blooms. Indica is a species of flowering plant within the verbena family. Native to the American tropics. It is a very adaptable species, which can inhabit a wide variety of ecosystems. It has been introduced into a habitat it spreads rapidly; between 45ºN and 45ºS and more than 1,400 meters in altitude. The leaves are typically a lush green color.

These plants are characterized by their tall stems that bear clusters of colorful flowers in different shades that bloom in summer months. Canna Lilies thrive in warm climates and require plenty of sunlight, rich soil, and regular watering to flourish.  They are often used in gardens, landscapes, and as ornamental plants. Due to their tropical appearance and eye-catching display of flowers and foliage. The plant size is 60cm and the Pot size is 23cm*23cm*23cm.

Care Tips for Cana Indica:

Cana indica should be planted in well-draining soil. After planting, the soil should be kept consistently moist but overwatering should be avoided. Cultivation benefits from regular fertilization to promote healthy growth. The growth of the plant can be protected from strong winds and excessive sunlight. When nearing maturity, flowers may be observed, signaling the optimal time for pollination if desired. Once the flowers are pollinated, seeds will be formed and can be collected for propagation in the future. When harvesting, the plant’s leaves and flowers can be trimmed selectively, allowing for continuous growth and flowering.


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