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Outdoor | Asparagus Hanging



Outdoor | Asparagus Hanging:

The asparagus fern plant (Asparagus aethiopicus syn. Asparagus densiflorus) is normally found in a hanging basket, decorating the deck or patio in summer and helping to clean indoor air in winter. The asparagus racemosus plant is not really a fern at all, but a member of the Liliaceae family. It is a perennial vegetable that can be grown outdoors and can thrive in hanging baskets or containers. To grow asparagus in a hanging basket outdoors, start with a large container, at least 18 inches deep, to accomodate its deep root system.

Growing and Care tips for Asparagus Hanging:

Select healthy asparagus crowns or seeds for planting. Place the crowns or sow the seeds in the center of the hanging basket, ensuring they are at the appropriate depth, usually a few inches below the soil surface. Position the hanging basket in a spot that receives plenty of sunlight, at least 6-8 hours a day. Water it consistently, keeping the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. Support the growing spears by providing a trellis or vertical support within the hanging basket. As the spears grow, they might require some gentle tying or guidance to encourage vertical growth and prevent bending or breaking.

Reduce watering in autumn, and water more sparingly in winter. Feed once a month with a liquid fertilizer in spring and summer. The asparagus vegetable provide some humidity by grouping plants together or misting regularly, especially in summer or if the central heating is on. The green asparagus repot every couple of years, in spring. Generally plant need regular watering, especially during dry periods.

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