Plant Support Cage | Plants Growner Cage |

Cage Height : 80cm



Plant Support Cage | Plants Growner Cage | 80cm:

Plant grower cages, often called plant cages or plant supports. They are structures used to provide support and stability to plants as they grow. Further, these cages are typically made of materials like metal, plastic or bamboo and come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types. In addition, it is used to prevent plants from sprawling or bending under their weight. They are especially useful for supporting vine plants like tomatoes, cucumbers and certain types of flowers. However, by providing a framework for the plants to climb or lean on, these cages help them grow vertically. It optimizing space and sunlight exposure in gardens or farms.

Important Note:

  1. The plant support with sharpened points on one side is very easy to stay into the soil.
  2. Both ends of each stake are covered with plastic waterproof caps. which are rustproof.
  3. Claps are movable and hoops can be is very easy to use and you can adjust it easily according to your plant.
  4. The adjustable ring allow you to adjust the proper position for your plants to grow better.

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