UAE Natural Fertilizer Pure Organic Fertilizer (16kg)

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UAE Natural Fertilizer Pure Organic Fertilizer (16kg)

UAE Natural Fertilizer Pure Organic Fertilizer (16kg)  provides a slow-release source of macro- and micronutrients and acts as a soil amendment. Increases a soil’s water-holding capacity, improves aeration and drainage, reduces erosion, reduces fertilizer leaching and improves a soil’s structure. Awaken your soil! s 100% Organic plant supplement, rich in N,P,K and improves the health and growth of your garden, rooftop vegetable farm and all kind of other farming practices. This is a more concentrated source of crop nutrients, especially NPK and calcium. Being naturally organic, it does not need composting and can be applied directly to the fields from the farm. Provides a food source for soil microbes, which increases soil biological diversity, accelerating the breakdown of organic nutrients into forms more readily available to plants, can increase plant health.

How To Apply: For Garden Beds: Mix or rototill Manure with the existing soil to a depth of 4-6 inches. Mix soil well. Level with rake. For new plantings: Fill the hole with amended soil. Pack firmly, soak it with water and allow to settle. Add additional soil if needed. Established Plants: Add a ½” Organic Dehydrated Cow Manure on the soil surface around the plant. Water thoroughly.

Made by Green Future Fertilizer Factory.

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