Agriculture Clay Sand (20kg Bag)


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Agriculture Clay Sand (20kg Bag)

Premium Agriculture Clay Sand, available in a convenient 20kg bag. Specially formulated to improve the structure and drainage of heavy clay soils, this sand is an essential amendment for any serious gardener aiming for healthier plants

Key Features:

  • Our clay sand effectively increases the pore space within clay soil, thus allowing for better water infiltration and drainage.
  • The coarse particles of our sand create essential air spaces in the soil, thereby enhancing root respiration and reducing soil compaction.
  • Mixing our clay sand into your soil makes it lighter and easier to till, plant, and manage. Therefore, this improved soil texture is perfect for all your gardening and agricultural needs.
  • While enhancing drainage and aeration, our sand does not strip away the natural nutrients found in clay soils, thereby ensuring your plants have access to the nutrition they need.

Application Instructions:

For optimal results, blend one part of our clay sand with two parts of your existing clay soil. However, adjust as needed based on specific soil conditions and plant requirements. Spread the sand evenly over the surface of your clay soil. Next, use a tiller or garden fork to mix it thoroughly into the top 6 to 12 inches of soil. For even better results, consider adding organic matter like compost along with our clay sand to further boost soil fertility and structure.

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