Best Blaukorn NPK 12/12/17 25kg Fertilizer Bag

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Gardening enthusiasts and agricultural professionals alike turn to Blaukorn NPK 12/12/17 25kg fertilizer bags to unlock the full potential of their crops. This specialized fertilizer blend, with a nutrient composition of 12% nitrogen (N), 12% phosphorus (P), and 17% potassium (K), offers a balanced and targeted approach to plant nutrition.

Key Nutrient Components:

  1. Nitrogen (N):

  2. The 12% nitrogen content fuels robust vegetative growth, promoting lush foliage and strong stems. This essential nutrient is vital for the development of chlorophyll, the green pigment responsible for photosynthesis, ensuring efficient energy production for plants.
  3. Phosphorus (P):
  4. With an equal 12% phosphorus content, this fertilizer supports root development, flowering, and fruiting. Phosphorus is crucial for energy transfer within the plant, enhancing the formation of essential compounds like DNA, RNA, and ATP.
  5. Potassium (K):

  6. The elevated 17% potassium content contributes to overall plant health, strengthening cell walls, regulating water uptake, and aiding in disease resistance. Potassium plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of fruits and vegetables while promoting stress tolerance in plants.

Application and Benefits:

The convenience of the 25kg fertilizer bag makes it suitable for both small-scale gardeners and large agricultural operations. The granular form allows for easy application, whether manually scattered or distributed through mechanical spreaders.

Regular use of Blaukorn NPK 12/12/17 25kg fertilizer bags ensures a sustained and balanced nutrient supply for plants throughout their growth cycles. This not only results in healthier, more robust plants but also significantly improves yield quantity and quality.

Best Practices for Application:

  1. Timing:

  2. Apply the fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season or when plants enter their active growth phase.
  3. Uniform Distribution:

  4. Evenly spread the granules across the soil surface, avoiding direct contact with plant foliage.
  5. Watering:

  6. Water the area thoroughly after application to activate the fertilizer and allow nutrients to penetrate the soil.


the Blaukorn NPK 12/12/17 25kg fertilizer bag stands as a reliable ally in the pursuit of thriving crops. Harnessing the power of balanced nutrients, this fertilizer blend promotes vigorous plant growth, robust root systems, and impressive yields. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a home gardener, this carefully formulated fertilizer is a key investment in cultivating a harvest that exceeds expectations.

For a vital plant with good leaf color.
  • High nitrogen content.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • To be used in stressful periods and periods of strong vegetative growth.
  • High Quality
  • Lush green foliage.
  • First Priority of Gardeners in UAE.

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