Ravenala Madagascariensis Palm 190cm

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Ravenala Palm 190cm.

Ravenala Palm 190cm is genus of monocotyledonous flowering plants, Classically the genus was considered to include a single species, Commonly known as the traveller’s tree, travellers palm or east-west palm from Madagascar. Traveller palm is not a true palm but a member of it. it is available in a pot and deliver it very carefully.The flowers are small and white, blooming within paddle-shaped bracts. Interestingly, the plant’s leaves align themselves in an east-west direction, gaining it the reputation of being nature’s compass. Despite its beauty, the Traveler’s Tree isn’t actually used for travelling and water isn’t potable without proper treatment. Additionally, it remains a symbol of madagascar’s unique flora and is widely cultivated for its aesthetic appeal in landscaping and gardens around the world.

Reason of its name Traveller/ Ravenala:

So it is named because it accumulate the water in its lead bases and used in emergencies for drinking.  Its leaves fan tend to grows roughly on east-west and provide a compass to travellers. Alongside, it is cultivated around the world and it is native in Madacascar.

Care for Madagascariensis:

Outdoor Plants | Ravenala Palm 190cm needs full sunlight for its growth. It should be placed or harvest in a wet, well-drained water and has a very narrow temperature tolerance. They may be damaged if its temperature exceed from 60 degree fahrenheit. keep it maintain and trimmed its leaves on time so it looks organized also. Choose a best leaf nutritional based fertilizer for its maintenance and long life.

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