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Seeds Radish leaf, also known as radish green or microgreens, are small seeds that can be cultivated to produce tender and flavorful greens for culinary use. These seeds are a rich source of essential nutrients and are often grown for their vibrant green leaves. Radish are tiny, round seeds that typically come in shades of brown, black, or white. They are the seeds of the radish plant (Raphanus sativus) and can be used to grow both traditional radishes and leafy greens. They are renowned for their peppery and slightly spicy flavor, which makes them a popular choice for salads, garnishes, and sandwiches.

The health benefits of radish leaves:

Radish leaf are a nutritious option as they are packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium, also a good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants. It can be easily cultivated indoors or in outdoor garden, as they grow rapidly, typically ready for harvest within 10 to 15 days after planting. Sow the seeds densely in a pot or garden bed, keeping the soil consistently moist for optimal growth

Radish green can be used fresh in salads, sandwiches and wraps while adding a peppery kick and make a delightful garnish for various dishes. They are low in calories and can be used as a part of a healthy diet, also contain compounds that may support digestion and help reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases. Its maturity time is 30-40 days and net weight is 20g.

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