Seeds Cherry Tomato | Agrimax

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Seeds Cherry Tomato | Agrimax

Discover the joy of growing delicious cherry Seeds Cherry Tomato | Agrimax, renowned for their exceptional flavor and abundant harvests. Whether you’re cultivating in a garden, Agrimax offers a diverse selection of cherry tomato seeds that promise superior quality and reliability.

Key Features:

Our cherry tomato seeds are carefully selected for high germination rates and vigorous growth, ensuring robust plants that produce an abundance of sweet, juicy cherry tomatoes. From classic red varieties to vibrant yellow, orange, and even striped varieties, our seed collection caters to all tastes and culinary preferences.

Growing Instructions:

Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date or sow directly in warm, well-drained soil after all danger of frost has passed. Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep and space them 18-24 inches apart in rows 24-36 inches apart. Cherry tomatoes thrive in full sun (6-8 hours daily) and rich, fertile soil amended with compost or organic matter.


Cherry tomatoes typically mature in 60-75 days, depending on the variety and growing conditions. Harvest tomatoes when they are firm, glossy, and fully colored. Gently twist or cut tomatoes from the vine to avoid damaging the plant. Regular harvesting promotes continuous production throughout the growing season.

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