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Indoor Plant | Money Plant Hanging

Plant Height : 20cm to 30cm

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Indoor Plant | Money Plant Hanging:

Indoor Plant | Money Plant Hanging is scientifically known as Epipremnum aurem or Devil’s ivy, is a species in the arum family Araceae, native to Mo’orea in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. Money plants add value to a living areas by removing Dust / pollutants from indoor air. The air in the room with the money plant is known to have more oxygen & helps in Fresh Air. The are popular houseplants known for their trailing vines and heart-shaped  leaves. Epipremnum often grown indoors and are appreciated for their easy maintenance and air-purifying qualities.

Care tips for Money Plant Asparagus:

When hanging it, it’s essential to use a hanging pot or a basket with good drainage. You can also utilize macrame hangers or hooks to suspend the plant. Place it in indirect sunlight because direct sunlight. Additionally, consider feeding the plants with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season to support healthy growth and a bountiful harvest. Furthermore, harvest asparagus spears by cutting or snapping them when they reach around 6-8 inches in length. Allow some spares to grow into fern-like foliage, as this helps the plant gather energy for the next growing season. However, support the growing asparagus spears by providing a trellis or vertical support within the hanging basket. As the spears grow, they might require some gentle tying or guidance to encourage vertical growth and prevent bending or breaking.

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