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Ficus Benjamina Green 110cm

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Ficus Benjamina Green 110cm:

The Ficus Benjamina green 110cm, commonly known as the Weeping Fig is a popular indoor plant prized for its elegant, glossy foliage. This article delves into the specifics of the ficus variant, providing a detailed insight into its characteristics, care and benefits.

Physical Description of Ficus Benjamina:

Standing at 110cm tall, the Ficus green boasts lush, vibrant green leaves that cascade gracefully, creating a stunning visual appeal. Its slender trunk adds to its aesthetic charm, making it an ideal choice for interior decoration.

Watering and Humidity:

When it comes to watering, maintaining moderate soil moisture is essential. The soil should be allowed to partially dry out between waterings to prevent root rot. Additionally, regular misting can help enhance humidity levels, mimicking its native tropical environment.

Temperature and Environment:

This ficus variant prefers warm, stable temperatures ranging between 65-75’F. It’s sensitive to drafts and temperature fluctuations, so placing it away from vents and doors is advisable. A consistent environment fosters healthy growth and minimizes stress on the plant.

Soil and Potting:

Using well-draining soil is imperative to prevent waterlogging, ensuring optimal root health. Repotting may be necessary every 1-2 years to accommodate its growth. Choosing a slightly larger pot with adequate drainage holes facilitates proper root development.

Maintenance and Pruning:

Regular maintenance includes dusting the leaves to allow for better light absorption and photosynthesis. Pruning helps maintain its shape and size, removing any dead or yellowing foliage. It’s recommended to wear gloves during pruning to avoid sap irritation.


Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the Ficus Benjamina Green offers air-purifying qualities, removing toxins from indoor air, promoting a healthier living environment.

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