Fertilizer | Iron Tonic 250ML | Improve Iron Deficiency

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Fertilizer | Iron Tonic 250ML | Improve Iron Deficiency

Iron tonic fertilizer is a specialized product designed to address iron deficiency in plants. Iron deficiency, often referred to as chlorosis, can lead to yellowing of leaves and reduced growth in plants, limiting their overall health and productivity. This fertilizer is formulated to provide a readily available source of iron for plants, helping to alleviate these symptoms and promote robust growth. Many iron tonics use chelated iron compounds, which are more easily absorbed by plants. Chelation stabilizes the iron, preventing it from reacting with other compounds in the soil and rendering it unavailable to plants. Iron tonics are designed for quick absorption by plants, making them effective in addressing iron deficiency symptoms. This ensures that plants receive the iron they need promptly.

Chlorosis is a common sign of iron deficiency, resulting in yellowing of young leaves while the veins remain green. Iron tonic fertilizer helps to reverse this condition by supplying the necessary iron for chlorophyll production. in some cases, it can be applied directly to the leaves as a foliar spray. This method allows for rapid iron uptake, especially in situations where soil conditions hinder root absorption and It is typically compatible with other fertilizers and can be included in a balanced nutrient management.

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