Coconut Tree Plant 170cm | Coconut Palm

Plant Height : 170cm to 190cm

Pot size : 42cm*35cm*35cm



Coconut Tree Plant 170cm | Coconut Palm:

Coconut Tree Plant 170cm | Coconut Palm, scientifically known as nucifera is a member of the palm family. It is widely cultivated in tropical regions for its versatile uses, including food, drink, fiber and oil.

Environmental Impact of Coconut Tree 170cm:

  • Ecosystem Services: Coconut palms provide habitat and food for various wildlife species, contributing to biodiversity in tropical ecosystem.
  • Soil Erosion Control: The extensive root system helps prevent soil erosion in coastal areas.

Cultural Significance of Coconut Palm:

  • Economic Importance: Coconut are a valuable commodity, providing food, oil, fiber and various other products.
  • Culinary Uses: Coconut meat, milk, oil and water are staples in many tropical cuisines.
  • Traditional Medicines: Various parts of the coconut tree, including the roots, leaves and oil are used in traditional medicine for their purported health benefits.


The coconut tree, with its tall stature, versatile uses and cultural significance plays a vital role in tropical ecosystems and human societies worldwide. From providing sustenance to offering economic opportunities, it remains an iconic symbol of tropical landscape.

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