Ficus Cage Bonsai – Outdoor

Plant Height : 55cm – 65cm

Pot Size : 10cm*19.5cm*19.5cm



Ficus Cage Bonsai – Outdoor

Ficus Cage Bonsai – Outdoor tree is a special plant for your desk or home, that provides the beauty of a forest but in miniature! It can be grown indoors, close to a sunny window, or outdoors year-round in warmer climates. Direct morning sunlight is preferable; direct afternoon sun can sometimes burn the delicate leaves.

NOTE: Actual product may vary due to product enhancement

Spraying: It is only important to spray the plant from time to time to ensure that pests are kept away. It will also remove all dust and increase the ornamental value.

Repotting: It is important to repot the plant every 2 to 3 years. The new pot should be a few centimeters larger than the growing pot and add some extra soil if necessary. Always pot in the spring, as the plant can still recover from any damage.

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