Bryuphylum 4L

Plant Height : 15cm to 25cm



Bryuphylum 4L:

Bryophylum are naturalized in many parts of the tropics and subtropics and deliberately cultivated for their attractiveness. Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves showed preventive effect against renal calculi formation and validates its ethnomedicinal use in urinary disorders. It further supports its therapeutic potential for the treatment of urinary calculi. Certainly, it is a fascinating genus of succulent plants, renowned for its unique reproductive method. Primarily native to Madagascar and other parts of Africa, these plants boast distinctive features that set them apart. With scalloped leaves and the ability to propagate from individual leaf sections, captivate enthusiasts and botanists alike.

Moreover, their passive reproductive strategy grants them resilience, as new plants can emerge from dropped or detached leaves. This natural propagation process, facilitated by specialized plantlets, contributes significantly to their proliferation. These remarkable plants exhibit an adaptive trait, demonstrated by their ability to survive in diverse environment from arid regions to tropical climates.

Care Tips for Bryophyllums 4L:

Firstly, Bryophylum 4L thrive in well-draining soil, ensuring excess water doesn’t accumulate around their roots. This is achieved by using a potting mix specifically designed for succulents. Secondly, these plants prefer ample sunlight, so placing them in a sunny spot, either indoors near a window or outdoors in a bright area, fosters their growth. Occasional pruning aids in maintaining their shape and encourages healthy growth. Lastly, fertilizing sparingly, Using a balanced fertilizer diluted to half-strength, promotes their overall well-being without overwhelming them with nutrients.

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