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Spathiphyllum “Peace lily” Plant 50cm – 60cm

  • Pot Size : 10cm*10cm*10cm
  • Plant Height : 25cm to 30cm



Spathiphyllum “Peace lily” Plant 50cm – 60cm

Spathiphyllum امن للی پلانٹ

Spathiphyllum “Peace lily” is very easy to care house plant. it gives white flower when you care for it on requirement of this plant. they are most attractive bedroom and living areas loving plants. best place to keep Spathiphyllum “Peace lily” plant is keeping in bright indirect light. it also remove many toxic air from your living areas and bedrooms.

Light Requirement.

Peace lilies need partial shade and can tolerate Bright Lights. yellowing leaves indicate that the light is too strong and you are using too much watering. brown leaves indicate burning from direct sunlight.


Peace lily require only once in a week watering. Sometimes it depends on location and temperature of room But it will start dropping there leaves and tell you to put some water in soil. In winter season it can survive without watering for 12 to 14 days. water Spraying on plant leaves can keep them fresh and also helps remove pest from your plant.

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