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Olea Europaea | Olive Tree 140cm | Outdoor Plants

Indulge in Mediterranean charm with our Olea Europaea Olive Tree! Elevate your outdoor space and transport yourself to sun-kissed landscapes. Order now!



Olea Europaea | Outdoor plants

Olive can reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid. Olea has also been used to treat diabetes, hypertension, inflammation, diarrhea, respiratory and urinary tract infections, stomach and intestinal diseases, and asthma. The olive is a stone fruit from a species of small tree in the family Oleaceae. Olives are found primarily in the Mediterranean basin and across the countries of the middle east. Olives have a high capacity in to tolerate drought, salinity, sun, wind, and disease and have a low water requirements.

Olea, got from the Latin word for olive, envelops a rich and various scope of implications. At its center, Olea is an organic variety that incorporates the notorious olive tree, respected for its social, culinary, and representative importance. The Olea family brags an assortment animal types, each adding to the development of olive oil — a fundamental part of Mediterranean cooking.

Past its organic personality, Olive broadens its impact into skincare, where olive-determin fixings are commend for their supporting and saturating properties.

In contemporary settings, Olea has trak down its direction into the domains of workmanship and configuration, motivating manifestations that reverberation the natural excellence of peace offerings. Whether experienc in the culinary, corrective, or creative circles, Olea stays a demonstration of the getting through charm of nature’s abundance and the complex lavishness it adds to our lives.

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