Hibiscus Tiliaceus tree Outdoor

Plant Height : 70cm to 90cm

Pot Size : 26cm*26cm*23cm

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Hibiscus Tiliaceus tree Outdoor

Hibiscus tiliaceus tree outdoor also known as the Sea Hibiscus, Coastal Hibiscus, or Beach Hibiscus.  Is a striking flowering shrub or small tree within the Malvaceae family. It’s native to tropical and subtropical regions across Asia, Africa, and Australia, thriving in coastal areas, sandy shores, and mangrove habitats.

It reaches heights of up to 10 meters (33 feet) in optimal conditions, boasting glossy, dark green leaves with heart-shaped and serrated edges, providing an attractive backdrop for its vibrant blooms. Its flowers are large, showy blossoms that can span up to 10 centimeters (4 inches) in diameter, typically featuring five bright yellow petals with a deep maroon center, attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies.

The Sea Hibiscus holds cultural significance in many regions where it grows. In various Pacific islands, it’s esteemed for its medicinal properties, used in traditional medicine to address a range of ailments from skin conditions to gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, indigenous communities have long utilized the tough inner bark of the tree for crafting rope, cordage, and clothing.

In coastal ecosystems, Hibiscus tiliaceus plays a pivotal role in stabilizing shorelines and mitigating erosion with its extensive root system. Its presence fosters habitat and sustenance for diverse wildlife, including birds and insects.

Despite its resilience to coastal conditions, the Sea Hibiscus faces threats from habitat loss and degradation due to human activities such as urban development and land reclamation. Conservation efforts aim to safeguard this species and its unique coastal habitats for future generations.

In gardens and landscapes, Hibiscus tiliaceus adds a touch of tropical elegance, providing stunning visual appeal and delivering ecological benefits that make it a valuable addition to coastal environments worldwide.

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