Green Pebbles 1-2cm Dubai



Green Pebbles 1-2cm Dubai:

Green Pebbles 1-2cm Dubai, are prized for their natural beauty and versatility in landscaping projects. In addition, these pebbles adds a vibrant and refreshing touch to outdoor spaces, enhancing the visual appeal of gardens, pathways and decorative features. It originate from quarries in Dubai, where they are carefully selected for their color, size and quality. Furthermore, these pebbles undergo a meticulous extraction and processing process to ensure uniformity and durability, making them suitable for various landscaping applications.

Vibrant Color and Texture of Green Pebbles:

The vibrant color of these pebbles adds a lively and refreshing element to outdoor environments. Further, their smooth and polished texture enhances their visual appeal, creating a striking contrast against other landscaping elements. Lastly, the natural variation in shade and tone adds depth and interest to garden beds, pathways and water features.


  • Moreover, Minimum 3 Bags of these pebbles are required to cover 1 square meter area.
  • Pebbles Size : 1-2cm
  • Color : Light Green
  • Light Green pebbles are clast of rock with particle size of 1 to 2 Centimeters. Gravel are generally considered Smaller then Pebbles.

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