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Ficus Elastica | Rubber Plant

Plant Height : 30cm to 40cm



Ficus Elastica | Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica is very easy to care and need very little attention. Placing it near drafty windows or in direct sunlight can damage this plant. indirect light is ideal for Ficus Robusta. the rubber fig is a specie of flowering plant in the family moraceae.

watering your rubber bush plant on weekly basis is best option as they allow the plant to get soil dry and roots can breath. in winter months they need water once every 2 weeks. only put water once soil is fully dried. they love to stay in temperature between 10 degree to 29 degree.

if you ever notice the leave of rubber fig plant is getting yellow from inside that means you are overwatering.

  • Maximum Height Of  is 300cm to 320cm Par Year.
  • average Spread is 50cm to 70cm
  • Common name  : Ficus Robusta, Rubber Fig Plant, Ficus Elastica, burgundy Ficus, Rubber Bush.
  •  Sun tolerance           : Low             Fragrance                 : no
  • Wind Tolerance :  Medium ,         water requirement : Medium
  • Pest Tolerance   :  low disease ,     growth Rate             : medium


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