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Plangt Height : 35cm to 45cm

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Citrus Microcarpa:

Citrus microcarpa or calamansi, commonly known as the calamondin or Chinese orange, is a small citrus fruit tree native to the Philippines and China. It’s prized for its ornamental value, aromatic flowers and small, round fruits that resemble miniature oranges. The fruit is tart and sour, often used in culinary applications for its acidic juice and zest in dishes, beverages, jams and condiments. The tree itself is relatively small, reaching around 6 to 10 feet in height. It’s popular as an ornamental plant due to its glossy green leaves, fragrant white flowers and the contrast of its small, round, orange fruits against the foliage. Calamondin trees can bear fruit year-round, which adds to their appeal for home gardeners.

Care Tips for Citrus Microcarpa:

During summer water daily or when the soil starts to become slightly dry at the top. during winter season water it once in 2 days or when the soil start’s to become dry at the top. keep the soil lightly moist at all time but don’t over water as this will cause rot rotting and also brown spots in leaf. Watering in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler.

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