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Outdoor Plant | Ixora Chinensis | Flower



Ixora Chinensis | Out Door Plant:

Ixora Chinensis, commonly known as Chinese Ixora, is a plant of the genus Ixora. It is an evergreen shrub, with densely packed branches and long pointed yellow-to-green foliage, and rounded heads of tubular opening to star-shaped bright orange to scarlet flowers from spring to autumn. They start to blossom at a young age. They are perfect for tropical areas but could also be grown in warm conditions. Plant height is 20cm-25cm and pot size is 12*12*12. The flowering shrub admired for its vibrant and prolific blooms. Native to Southeast, particularly China and India, it belongs to the Rubiacea family. In addition, it is popular for its ornamental value in landscaping and gardens. Furthermore, evergreen shrub typically reaches heights of about 3 to 6 feet but certain varieties can grow taller.

Care Tips for Outdoor Chinensis:

Gardeners often use Chinese Ixora as hedges, borders or as standalone ornamental plants. Pruning helps maintain its shape and encourages more prolific flowering. While it’s relatively low-maintenance, occasional fertilization can promote healthier growth and more abundant blooms. This species is also considered somewhat drought-tolerant once established. Making it a versatile and resilient choice for gardens in tropical and subtropical regions.

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